Afghanistan is at it’s worst moment since the 2000s.The taliban have pressured banks to allow withdrawals up to 200$ per week.A lot of business man have left,bakery’s have closed and a lot of shopkeepers are strugling to make ends meet.”We will be forced to close soon,customers are asking for less than a liter of oil for sale,prices of basic amenities have risen by 50% at least”.Said the sad Kabul shopkeeper.What can the Afghans expect?Women are excluded from any participation in education and that raises the question of safety for citizens.There is no doubt that the taliban shall not follow up on their promises. SANCTION PAKISTAN FOR SUPPORTING THE DESTRUCTION OF THE AFGHAN REPUBLIC.PAKISTANI AIRFORCE KEEPS BOMBING THE REBELS AND DOES AERIAL SURVEILLANCE FOR THE TALIBAN. These people are a threath to the normal civilised nations around the world.I am pretty sure that a lot of Muslims are against this charade of a leadership by the taliban forces.It’s time to act.The main earner for the taliban are DRUGS.Sales account for more than 60% of their annual income.Will they turn the Afghan republic into a drug state led by warlords and druglords?Yes,unfortunately,most of the heroin comes from Afghanistan.The international community should retake Afghanistan and help the people wage the war on terror and drugs.They are hanging people from cranes and that’s seems to be their investment in education and human rights.GET RID OF THIS FOOLS NOW!!!We need to act now,please support one of the charities,that are certified and trustworthy and help the poor people. Everyone deserves the right to eat and have freedom of speech and the right to practice their beliefs.Let alone the right to be educated and medically treated.Follow us for more.

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